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How Tracked Cherry Pickers Set the Benchmark in Performance

While many of us are familiar with traditional cherry pickers equipped with wheels, there’s another category of these aerial work platforms that takes versatility and performance to a whole new level; tracked cherry pickers. These innovative machines deviate from the norm by replacing wheels with rubber tracks, similar to those found on heavy-duty construction equipment like bulldozers and excavators. 

The adoption of this robust and agile mobility system opens up a wide array of benefits that set tracked cherry pickers apart as formidable assets in various industries. In this post we discuss the reasons why tracked cherry pickers often outperform their wheeled counterparts, highlighting their superior terrain adaptability, reduced ground pressure, enhanced stability, and unmatched accessibility in challenging environments. 

Terrain Versatility

Tracked cherry pickers significantly increase terrain versatility compared to their wheeled counterparts. The key lies in their rubber tracks, which offer superior traction and distribute weight evenly across the surface. This design allows tracked cherry pickers to navigate challenging terrains with ease, including rough or uneven ground, gravel, mud, and slopes. 

Unlike traditional cherry pickers with wheels that may struggle or get stuck in such conditions, tracked models maintain stability and mobility. Whether it’s working on construction sites, in woods, landscaping, or any environment where the terrain can be unpredictable, tracked cherry pickers provide the confidence and adaptability needed to access elevated positions safely and efficiently, making them an invaluable asset in industries where terrain versatility is a top priority.

Lower Ground Pressure

They also excel in lowering ground pressure compared to their wheeled counterparts, and the key to this advantage lies in the rubber tracks’ ability to evenly distribute the weight of the machine. Traditional cherry pickers with wheels concentrate their weight on a smaller contact area, which can lead to higher ground pressure and the risk of causing damage to delicate surfaces, especially when operating on grass, turf, or pavement. 

In contrast, tracked cherry pickers disperse their weight across a larger surface area, minimising ground pressure. This reduced impact is particularly beneficial when working in environments where protecting the integrity of the terrain or surface is crucial, such as landscaped areas, sports fields, or indoor spaces with sensitive flooring. 

Enhanced Stability

Additionally, tracked cherry pickers provide superior stability, thanks to their lower centre of gravity and wider footprint. Their rubber tracks provide a stable and secure base, distributing the machine’s weight evenly. This design reduces the risk of sway or wobble when operating at elevated heights, ensuring that the platform remains steady and secure. 

Traditional wheeled cherry pickers, with their narrower wheelbases, may be more prone to tilting or imbalance, especially on uneven terrain. Tracked cherry pickers’ enhanced stability not only contributes to safer working conditions for operators but also enables more precise positioning when carrying out tasks that require accuracy. 

Access in Confined Spaces

Tracked cherry pickers offer a distinct advantage when it comes to accessing confined spaces, surpassing their wheeled counterparts in manoeuvrability and adaptability. Their compact design, coupled with the rubber tracks, allows tracked cherry pickers to effortlessly navigate through narrow alleys, tight corridors, and confined work areas. 

This level of agility and precision is often unmatched by traditional wheeled cherry pickers, which may struggle to fit into such constrained spaces or require extensive repositioning. 

The ability to access these confined work areas with ease not only saves valuable time and effort in setup but also expands the range of tasks that can be undertaken, making tracked cherry pickers an invaluable asset in industries where efficient manoeuvring in tight spaces is a common challenge.

Reduced Impact on Paved Surfaces

They also excel in reducing impact on paved surfaces when compared to their wheeled counterparts. This is due to  their rubber tracks, which distribute the machine’s weight more evenly. Cherry pickers with wheels concentrate the weight on a smaller number of contact points, potentially causing greater pressure and stress on the paved surface, leading to marks, cracks, or damage. 

In contrast, tracked cherry pickers disperse their weight across the wider surface area of the rubber tracks, significantly minimising the risk of harm to delicate paved surfaces like concrete or asphalt. This makes them an ideal choice for projects in urban or industrial environments where preserving the integrity of the ground is essential, ensuring that the workspace remains undisturbed and free from surface damage.

Here at Tracked Access, we supply both operated and self-drive cherry pickers, so that you can improve the way your business functions. We specialise in finding solutions for our customers that work in restricted or challenging situations, and we have a huge range of tracked cherry pickers and spider lift access platforms to choose from. They’re ideal for use in a huge range of industries and job applications, and can heighten the productivity and efficiency of your workplace by tenfold.

Our tracked cherry pickers are available in both commercial and domestic settings. You can choose between tracked cherry pickers that are able to access a range of heights, made by leading industry manufacturers such as JLG, Cela, and EasyLift, to bring you the highest-quality of operating equipment. They’re ideal for working on uneven ground, slopes, and gross, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 
You can both hire or purchase tracked cherry pickers, allowing you to tackle your elevated work safely and easily. We provide tailored solutions to suit our customers unique requirements. If you are ready to take your project to new heights, contact our team at Tracked Access to learn more about our tracked cherry pickers.

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