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Net Weight: 7480kg
Lateral Outreach (max.): 16.5m
Working Height: 32.5m
Safe Load on Cage (max.): 230kg
Width / Height of Traveling Position without Cage: 1.69m
Climbing Ability: 16°

Offering an outstanding working height of up to 32.5m and maximum outreach of 16.5m, the award-winning Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 Performance IIIS is the tallest of all Hinowa’s tracked spider booms. With a new larger basket measuring 1.6m x 1.4m and a safe working load of 230kg, it offers a comfortable working space for two people with tools. The Lightlift 33.17 is the first of Hinowa’s tracked boom to feature negative reach, with the ability to work lower than the level of its tracks to inspect dockyards and bridges. In addition, it’s brand new ‘Go Home’ function automatically returns the boom to the stowed position with the touch of a button substantially reducing the time spent aligning the boom, and eliminating human error too. Available powered by Diesel/Mains, Lithium-Ion Battery and Bi-Energy, the Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 Performance IIIs can be used for both indoor and outside applications and will fit through a standard-sized doorway.

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