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Why Renting a Spider Boom Lift is the Smart Choice

When tackling projects at height, having the right equipment can make all the difference. While purchasing a spider boom lift may seem like a straightforward solution, the reality is that renting one can offer numerous advantages. Many people might think that renting ends up being more expensive, but it can actually provide us with many benefits and save us money in the long run. 

At Tracked Access, we understand the importance of making smart decisions for your projects. 

In this post we explore why renting a spider boom lift is the smart choice for elevated projects. From flexibility to cost effectiveness, getting up to date models and maintenance included, renting provides a range of benefits that can enhance your productivity and streamline your businesses operations.

Cost Savings

Opting to rent a spider boom lift for a project instead of buying one outright can lead to significant cost savings for your business. When considering the purchase of heavy equipment like a spider boom lift, the upfront investment can be substantial, not to mention ongoing maintenance costs that you need to consider too. 

By choosing to rent your spider boom lift, you completely eliminate these financial burdens. Rental options are also available for short term or project specific needs, allowing you to pay only for the equipment when you need it. This cost effective approach enables you to allocate your budget more efficiently, directing funds to other areas of your project where they are needed most.


Renting a spider boom lift also offers you unparalleled flexibility, catering to your specific project’s requirements. Whether you are working indoors on a confined site and need a compact machine or outdoors on rugged terrain and need a large durable machine, there will be a suitable one available for your unique needs. 

Rental companies offer a diverse range of spider boom lifts to choose from, including compact models for tight spaces and robust units for demanding construction projects. This flexibility ensures that you have access to the right equipment for the job at hand, enhancing productivity and safety on site.

Up to Date Equipment

Rental companies also regularly update their fleets of machinery to offer the latest models and technology in spider boom lifts. By opting to rent, you can take advantage of cutting edge features and innovations without the expense of purchasing new equipment. 

This means you have access to reliable and efficient machinery that incorporates the latest safety enhancements and performance improvements. Whether it is advanced control systems, improved manoeuvrability, or enhanced reach capabilities, renting ensures that you are equipped with state of the art equipment to tackle your projects with confidence.

Maintenance and Service Included

When you rent a spider boom lift, maintenance and service are typically included as part of the rental agreement. This means you can focus on your work without worrying about the upkeep of the equipment. Rental companies have dedicated maintenance teams that regularly inspect and service their fleet to ensure optimal performance and safety. 

If any issues arise during your rental period, the rental company will handle them promptly, minimising disruption and maximising productivity for your projects. This comprehensive support package provides peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks without disruptions.

On Demand Availability

Renting a spider boom lift also provides on demand access to equipment precisely when you need it. Whether you encounter a sudden need for elevated work or require additional machines to meet project deadlines, rental companies can quickly deliver the equipment to your site. 

This on demand availability ensures that you stay on schedule and within budget, even when faced with unexpected challenges or fluctuations in workload. With rental options tailored to your timeframe and requirements, you have the flexibility to scale your equipment needs up or down as needed, optimising resource utilisation and project efficiency.

Welcome to Tracked Access

Here at Tracked Access, we are dedicated to finding the ideal solution for your projects. As one of the UK’s premier providers of spider boom lift rentals, we offer flexible hiring arrangements and pocket friendly rates tailored to your requirements. Recognising that many businesses opt for machinery rental, we prioritise offering you a diverse array rental choices. With over 20 years of experience in renting out our machinery, you can place your trust in us. 

Our inventory boasts an extensive selection of spider boom lifts, providing you with ample choices; from recognised industry giants like JLG, Hinowa, Cela, and EasyLift. Additionally, you can rent your spider boom lift for different durations, catering to both short and long term rental needs. Our rental rates are exceptionally competitive, delivering outstanding value. 
All of our boom lifts feature the latest cutting edge technology, enabling you to execute your projects with utmost ease and precision. Reach out to our team today; simply fill out our online contact form on our website or call 0330 332 0714.

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