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Take on Elevated Projects with the Assistance of a Track Mounted Cherry Picker

In construction, specialised projects, maintenance tasks, or any endeavour involving work at heights, ensuring the safety of your staff and achieving the desired results hinges on having the appropriate equipment. When accessing elevated spaces is a necessity, a tracked cherry picker proves indispensable in facilitating the completion of tasks efficiently and securely. 

These projects encompass a wide range of activities, from building construction and maintenance to electrical repairs, painting, tree trimming, and more. With the versatility and stability offered by a tracked cherry picker, workers can confidently tackle various tasks at different heights, ensuring productivity and safety across diverse work environments. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the standout qualities and benefits that a track mounted cherry picker can provide and bring to your project. 

Stability on Uneven Terrain

The track-mounted cherry picker offers exceptional stability, particularly on uneven ground; a feature that sets it apart. Its track system ensures even distribution of weight, reducing ground pressure, which proves invaluable, especially in soft or uneven terrain. This stability translates into a secure and steady performance, enabling personnel to execute elevated tasks with confidence. Whether navigating rugged landscapes or softer surfaces, the track-mounted cherry picker’s versatility ensures optimal performance across diverse environments, making it an asset for a wide range of projects and industries.

Excellent Height Reach

A tracked cherry picker offers exceptional height reach, making it an indispensable tool for safely accessing elevated areas. Equipped with either an articulated or telescopic arm, each with its unique advantages, operators can efficiently and safely complete various tasks in challenging high areas. The versatility of these arms allows for professional execution of tasks that would otherwise be difficult or risky to access without the assistance of a cherry picker. Additionally, the precise control offered by the articulated or telescopic arm enhances operator safety and allows for precise manoeuvring in tight or confined spaces, further increasing the utility of tracked cherry pickers for accessing elevated areas.

Safety is a Priority

Working at height presents a number of safety hazards, so safety is paramount and must be taken into consideration when a project involves elevation. With the tracks providing stability even on softer and uneven ground, the extra steadiness that it offers can help to keep people on or around it safe when it is in operation. The platform that holds the person can also be a much safer way to reach greater heights compared to a ladder, as it is much more difficult to balance on a ladder rung while also keeping hold of your tools and trying to complete the task at hand; a cherry picker offers a more secure and convenient way to get your elevated jobs completed.

Versatile Across Industries

Thanks to their versatile accessibility, track-mounted cherry pickers prove invaluable across a range of industries. From repairs and installations to maintenance tasks, inspections, and beyond, these machines offer a convenient, efficient, and secure solution for completing various job requirements. Industries benefiting from track-mounted cherry pickers span utilities and power, construction, film and media production, arboriculture, event management, and many others.

Outreach Capabilities

The outreach advantages offered by a tracked cherry picker are particularly valuable for working at height, especially in situations requiring precision or where a fully vertical approach isn’t practical. Extending the outreach proves highly efficient compared to using a ladder. With a ladder, the constant need to descend, reposition, and ascend again can be inconvenient. In contrast, with a cherry picker, you can simply adjust your position and continue working without the hassle of constant repositioning.

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